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We are the national tourist resort zone, approved to establish by State Council in Oct. of 1992. It locates at Majishan Peninsula in southwest of Wuxi and stands at the bank of beautiful Taihu Lake. Hugged by Taihu Lake, we enjoy 75% green coverage. Looked far away, it is a fairy island on the lake. Viewed from the sky, it is also a beautiful garden in south of Yangtze River.

Covering up 65 km2 and living 39 thousand in population, we are in the center of Yangtze Delta Region, the most economically developed area in China. It is 15 km away from downtown of Wuxi, 35 km from Wuxi High-speed Railway Station, 45 km from Southern Jiangsu International Airport, 120 km from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 150 Km from Shanghai Pudong Airport and 160 km from Nanjing Lukou Airport. What’s more, it is 150 km from Shanghai Port, 30 km from Jiangyin Port and 50 km from Zhangjiagang Port. Connected by Luqu-Mashan Expressway, it could directly drive to the nearby highways, including Shanghai-Nanjing Highway, Nanjing-Hangzhou Highway, Beijing-Shanghai Highway and 312 State Road.

Since the establishment, we customize the developing concept of combing historical culture and natural landscape on tourism, through which a batch of highlighted tourist projects have been introduced, including Lingshan scenic spot, Smile Bay Zen Town, Wuxi Taihu International Golf Club, Yuanyi International Resort and etc. What’s more, we have also held a series cultural and tourist events, like 4th World Buddhist Forum, International Fishing Festival, the opening ceremony of China Tourist Day and Tour Taihu Lake Bicycle Racing.

At present, we have set up the goal for new round of development to build into a nationally leading and internationally famous destination for holiday and vacation. Based on the local landscape as well as the themes of experiencing Buddhism and Culture Wu, we will focus on introducing the international brands, building the top end projects and cultivating the excellent environment to extremely pay attention to some functional projects, like leisure and vacation, meditation and blessing, nostalgia and exploration, recreation and sports, family entertainment, high-end performance, international games, RV experience, conference and exhibition, shopping as well as catering. We will finally develop into Mashan International Tourist Island with the combination of natural landscape and human culture, the international elements and local culture as well as the regional influence and international fame.

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